OM Solutions LLC Internet Advertising Indianapolis, IN

Company Overview
At OM Solutions, we are an experienced internet advertising company who obtains outstanding results for our clients. We focus on what’s best for our client’s business. We track everything. We analyze. We turn up what works and turn off what doesn’t. We put you in front of the people who are looking for you.

OM Solutions has a unique niche in the internet advertising business in Indianapolis, IN. We keep costs down by keeping everything in-house. Our consultants handle everything from the website development, customer service, billing, and search marketing campaigns. We are a one stop shop for all your internet marketing needs.

Consultant Profile
Cory Wienke graduated from Arizona State University with a Marketing degree in 2005. From there he proceeded to work for the biggest yellow page company in the United States where he was able to gain substantial knowledge about the directional advertising industry. Soon realizing the yellow page industry was dying, Cory decided to move on to AT&T internet advertising. After over 3 years of working for corporate America, Cory decided to travel the world. When he returned home he started "OM Solutions" here in Indianapolis, Indiana.