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Many internet advertising companies have written testimonials of happy clients. Online Marketing Solutions took it one step further and created video testimonials of some of our distinguished clients. With these video testimonials OM Solutions is trying to convey the genuineness of our clients’ true thoughts. We choose not to edit our testimonials and let our clients speak freely and with out regard.

Remember, the #1 form of marketing is WORD of MOUTH. So please take your time to view what some of our clients have to say about, Online Marketing Solutions.
Mike’s Auto Service

“Hi my name is Jane, from MIKE’S AUTO SERVICE… I get phone calls all the time about internet advertising, I’ve turned everybody down, I get mad about 411… Google. For some reason when Cory called me, I kind of listened… I pondered it for a while. I give him a call back, I started not to do it, but then, “Hmm… why not try it”. I tried it for about a month, things didn’t work out real well, but I gave it a second chance and it WORKED OUT GREAT! I am getting at least 3 phones calls a week, “NEW CUSTOMERS!”. Its been a very NICE EXPERIENCE and I ENJOY WORKING WITH CORY VERY MUCH- THANK YOU.”

— Jane

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